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Scope of Services (RPO)

We can source right candidates of various skill sets with the help of our qualified recruiters. We have the resources, experience and talent to manage staffing from start to finish. We can also manage a certain portion of your recruiting process globally or in a single location. We are flexible and our solutions are scalable.

  • Your team in our place
  • Our team helping with your need

The scope of services, depending upon your requirement, may include but not limited to searching candidates from your internal database, job boards, posting open position ads on job boards, CV/Resume screening, response handling, research, corporate intelligence research and database maintenance. The recruiter will contact the consultant, check his pay rate, check his availability; talk to his employer in case required; get them to sign right to submittal agreements, if required by you. Submit to you a qualified consultant so that process the applicant further.
Our Vendor management Tool will support this.

Recruiting support services

Currently, we are providing recruiting support services (RPO) to clients in the North America for candidates sourcing, resumes searching on leading web portals, short listing latent candidates resumes, communicate with candidates via email, phone and route only interested candidates resumes to executive or technical recruiters of our client companies. This helps executive and technical recruiters to focus on their core functions what they do best - networking, build relationships, interview and hire candidates.

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Domain expertise

Our researchers/recruiters/internet sourcers have experience in number of domains and have provided recruiting support services in Information Technology (IT).


The Technical Recruiter will submit a Daily Report of submittals and a Weekly report for your management to give us feedback for improvement.
Our recruitment services package consists of the following services:

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  • Job board search recruiter/Candidate Search Recruiter
  • Account Manager /Technical Recruiter/Business Development Manager: more than 3 years of experience as Technical Recruiter, Accounts manager in US Market

Other Terms:

  • The Client will have to give us at least three months commitment.
  • Payment will be one month deposit and the service fee paid monthly in advance for every month.

Other Details:

  • we shall agree on mutually convenient recruitment methodology, which both of us think would be the most efficient.
  • The CVs sourced for Client shall be solely used only for Client's requirements and it shall be provided to Client up on request.
  • The recruiters shall have previous experience in doing US recruitment. People who have to communicate to US candidates shall have extremely good communication skills.
  • Recruiters shall be monitored and guided by a senior Manager of our concern.
  • Daily or weekly progress / status reports shall be prepared and mailed.
  • A formal agreement comprising an NDA shall be signed before the service can be initiated.

Our Best Practices

  • We will treat every job uniquely by profiling and managing the client company philosophy, hiring manager, team, location and duties.
  • We will be very courteous, respectful and confidential to every client and candidate.
  • We will actively seek and follow-up with referrals, which is the best source of candidates.
  • We will include all the sources in the process, including traditional and non-traditional sourcing methods.
  • Our hiring process will be in harmony with the client hiring managers.
  • To provide the client a strategic advantage with diverse workforce, we will source diversely.
  • Our recruiting approach will be responsive to different job types.
  • We will capture data per EEO, track the candidate and report accurately and completely for every position.
  • We will follow up and close every candidate, if they get the job or not.
  • We will provide fair and equal opportunity to every candidate to apply and receive job specific consideration.